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Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Advanced,

formerly known as Vice President Academic and Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic and International is the main driver for the University in navigating academic matters which is the core business of the University.

DVCAAQ is a service-oriented department to students, academic staffs and administration staffs in matter related to academic management, international affairs and quality assurance.

DVCAAQ is the lifeblood of the University and plays an important role as the division that are fully responsible for academic management of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. 

Hence with the roles played by all DCVAAQ members of staff in particular and UCYP staff in general, the University’s vision to “An Adaptive University” will become a reality.

Thus, with this portal, all parties would be able to understand the roles played by this departmentand it will benefits all.



To ensure the teaching and learning process runs smoothly from time to time


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To ensure the programs and curriculum offered in line with the current needs

To ensure that teaching and learning facilities are sufficient and appropriate.

To ensure academic development and quality control is initiated, executed and monitored from time to time in terms of academic programs, curriculum, teaching staff, assessment and examination and other academic resources.

To ensure that all academic staff comply with the policies, procedures and guidelines.

To create network and linkages with other education institutions in order to improve the overall academic quality.

To conduct related meetings to ensure academic agenda are properly presented and discussed, obtain positive input as well as approval and endorsement for overall academic quality enhancement.

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